Milton Ehrlich, All I see is you


On autumn days
I see your face
in the fine patina
of every falling leaf
on our century-old
oak tree.
In morning sun
of sparkling air
I see your face
in the unfolding
beauty of our planted
bunch of amaryllis bulbs.
In the heat of
I see your face
in every flower
smiling at me
so happy to be
the star of all
our flowers.
In every winter
snow is bound
to softly fall
with your face
on every flake
that I can see
in the cold palm
of my frozen hand.
I see no other
seasonal changes
fixated as I am
on seeing only you
in perennial beauty
lighting the darkness
with your glow of sun
moon and every star.

Milton P Ehrlich PhD is an 89-year-old psychologist and a veteran of the Korean War. He has published poems in Poetry Review, The Antigonish Review, London Grip, Arc Poetry Magazine, Descant Literary Magazine, Wisconsin Review, Red Wheelbarrow, and the New York Times.

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