jck hnry, walking to work

walking to work

everyday i leave my tiny bungalow at 6:30 am,
wave to the lady next door
& walk 2,000 steps to work.

Lupita smiles & says hello.
some days we walk on the same side of the street.
she has three boys, but she has to work.
abuela spends her days yelling
while Lupita cleans the toilets
of rich men.

an old lady
sweeps dirt
from her dirt porch
onto a dirt road.
i never pass
when she’s working the broom.

two dogs greet me with big smiles
& thick tails wagging.
they remind me
of my oldest daughter,
who moved away years ago.
she had two dogs with big smiles
& thick tails.

sometimes i trade comments
with Puma & Cyndi.
i never talk on the phone,
that would be too real.

a gaggle of panhandler’s work
the front door,
at 7Eleven.
i used to toss quarters,
an Easter egg mad dash,
in reflection that seems cruel
but that’s who i am.

first one in at the office.
no one else is coming,
reduction in staff.

two cats greet me,
Simon & Riley.
they get fed
& leave
until it’s time to come home.
their schedule, not mine.

i make coffee & toast,
read all my junk mail,
check for dick pics
from lovers i am yet to know.

hours will pass
as the sun
moves from
this side to that.
i pack my backpack,
feed the cats
& lock the front door.

the flower guys
on the corner
nod through
their black masks.
the old man selling oranges
waves as i pass by,

if timing is in my favor
i will walk with her,
i’ll carry her bag
and Lupita will smile.

jck hnry is a California/Arizona desert-based writer and editor. His recent publications include: Madness Muse, Rat’s Ass Review, Litterateur, Newington Blue Press, Rogue Wolf, Fleas on the Dog, Dissident Voice, and others. Sometime in 2021, his new book driving w/crazy will be released by Punk Hostage Press. For more, visit jackhenry.wordpress.com.

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