Robin Wyatt Dunn, The King Within


I’m going to cut you open
Because I love you

Should the surgery be gentle
Or violent?

A gentle surgery would be about the mind
And a violent one about the body.
Or maybe it’s the reverse.

A gentle surgery would be to remind you
How terrifying you are
Whereas a violent one would help you forget

What do you need?
As we begin to dance
I must sharpen my weapons
Because I’ve seen you before

I’ve seen you.


set into sleeves
and dreams

as we watch the king eat children
there’s nothing else to say


look to the king within
ineffable drunkard
mad stallion
whose nautical sunrise brings the earth beneath its trash feet
bearing the walk
over the waist of the night

Robin Wyatt Dunn is moving to Canada. He was born in Wyoming in 1979.

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