Elena Ibañez, Seven Women

Elena Ibáñez lives in Madrid, where she is a member of the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts. She divides her time between ink drawings, painting in oils, watercolours and engravings and had four exhibitions as a sole exhibitor in 2017. She recently had work published in the Canadian magazine Baldhip. 

Elena was born in Madrid but spent her childhood in the Canary Islands, Cadiz and Barcelona before returning to Madrid, where she studied Biology and where she has had a number of individual exhibitions in recent years.

Greatly influenced by the work of Matisse, Picasso, Dufy and Hockney, Elena Ibañez is a biologist and a self-taught artist who specialises in ink drawings, watercolours and etchings and is inspired by young, sensitive and independent women and the landscapes that surround them.


6D63860B-159A-47D0-8613-02E9755E1E60Despair, Ink drawing
DFF2F81A-D329-4415-BCB5-B133BA9F7A3CLeonor, Watercolour
C6D37195-001C-4EDA-AE1D-44FB7D74F99D.jpegNovember in Berneray, Watercolour
1CCE18E9-0A92-49BE-B3A1-41AC6768B849Girl with Blue Earings, Oil on Cardboard
CD72C295-83EC-4A34-8774-7858D07C32FB.jpegDreaming, Watercolour
D7508B1A-0C1D-4734-8AD6-CF2378E64783Summer, Watercolour on Brown Paper

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