Allie Rose Vugrincic, Seaside

Allie Rose Vugrincic was born in Ohio, where she worked briefly as a corresponding newspaper photographer and a golf course groundskeeper. She has a degree in cinema from Denison University, in Granville, Ohio. Allie has had several poems and paintings published in Denison’s Literary Magazine, ‘Exile’ and has published photos and articles in the ‘Warren Tribune Chronicle.’ She is currently a candidate for a Creative Writing Masters at University College Cork. Allie loves everything about Ireland except the weather, which very much reminds her of Ohio.

Art, for me, is about capturing something in life that is fleeting, those minute details and little moments that take one’s breath away. That peculiar way that sunlight glints off a specific drop of water, the imperfect pattern of bark on a tree — these are the things that interest me, for their singularity and beauty. Whether it be with a pencil, a lens, or a stream of words, I seek to solidify the ephermial by freezing it on paper, print, or canvas.

But it is not just about preservation — this dutiful act of capture is also at times the gateway to expansion, to fathoming out the greater mysteries life. What makes the sunlight glint just so? Who or what defines the patterns of bark? In photographs especially I seek a means for contemplation of light, color, and identity, because they stand so close to the actual pulse of life.

This collection zooms in on the little things — drops of rain clinging to a flower, blades of grass torn by the wind, locks holding steadfast to a fence — in contrast with background of the vastness of the sea. The flower growing on a fort wall is tiny against the immensity of the sea it overlooks, yet it is what defines the photo, gives it coherence and purpose. It is like a single person staring up at the stars, wondering what something so small could mean in such a great expanse. And isn’t that beautiful?


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