Rebecca Spicer, Homecoming


The sun sets at five
We shovel in darkness
Motion sensor light
Jump, wave
To see our progress

Slice through
Walls of snow
Ice beneath
I hack to widen
The narrow driveway.
She slides the blade
Along concrete.

Two hours
Before they return
He will use his walker
Along this driveway.
Bumps and ridges
Will trip his feet.
Unless we hold him
Hands on armpits.

Welcome home, Dad
To the temperature that drops.
To the snow that resists
And traps.

Rebecca Spicer was born in and currently resides in Galway, Ireland. She grew up in Michigan and has had her fair share of snow. She is a recent graduate of the MA in Writing programme at NUI Galway. Rebecca’s first published short story, ‘Summer Street’, was featured in the December issue of The Incubator. 

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