Chris Pellizzari, Naivety


This is a love I legally change my name for. This is a love I dye my hair and beard for. This is a love I thin my face out for. This is a love I hide out in an apartment for, seven states away, until the statutes of limitations expire. The crime was hate, misplaced affection, I think. The crime was laundering money, laundering culture, washing away anything born dirty, I think. I’ve trained my smile to tip fifteen percent to every passerby. I have trained my dog to ignore dog whistles and gun shots fired in the great distance.

This is a love for whom I say I knew them well while they are still alive.

The mother’s maiden name has been erased without historical disclaimer.

Chris Pellizzari’s work has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including COUNTERCLOCK, Eunoia Review, Allegro, The Lake, Tipton Poetry Journal, Gone Lawn, The Main Street Rag, I-70 Review, and Softblow. He is a member of The Society of Midland Authors. This poem appeared first in Eunoia Review).
Read more of Chris here.

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