Ronan Bartley, Late Night

Late Night

as i sit here
with the decision
to have another cigarette
or to bother
with it all
the neighbourhood
of dogs
is set off
in a chorus
of barking and howling
by the man
who drives by
with an empty two axle
at least twice a day
noon and night
it rattles along
then hits the pot hole
with a steely bang
the hounds
begin to bay

i have an excuse to
go downstairs
i made the mistake
of reading
your poems
up rose the muted
abject worthlessness
forgotten about dog
no one bothered
to put down
just left the gate open one day
skipped town
leaving a note
which said
“you were too much effort”
the dog
unable to understand it

Born in London to Irish parents, Ronan Bartley spent his early years in a busy metropolis only to move to rural Meath at the age of six. His love of entertainment and storytelling were clear early on, as well as a feeling of being an outsider or observer.

Over the years, Ronan has created art through poetry, theatre, music and prose with a soft spot for poetry. In 2016, Ronan was regional winner for Leinster of the Write Here, Write Now competition hosted by Hot Press. This was while studying English and Drama in UCD, where Ronan discovered a love of gender studies, particularly masculinities.

Ronan has worked and lived abroad, teaching English, as well as working as a labourer on construction sites for the past several years.

3 thoughts on “Ronan Bartley, Late Night

  1. This poem works for me as a transport into that space and time and I love the last 12 lines especially .
    Thank you Ronan.


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