Orla Fay, After Narnia

After Narnia

The day is setting,
melting gold in a teal teacup,
a tea-light in crystal votive,
a firefly floating

on a lily pad,
away on a grey, swamp pond.
And I would go with the sun
as she nightly blinks her eye,

below the world
to the land of magic.
In the Book of Fairy Tales
Santa Claus is real,

his sleigh carries a million
wishes midnight blue.
Comet’s hooves trail stardust,
I believe! I’ve seen! It’s true!

There’s a centaur on the cliff top
aiming for a moon
that he’ll hook and pull
back, Caspian’s pale balloon!

Roonwit’s bow is made of silver,
a shimmering sort of birch,
enchanted and protected
by ancient, secret craft.

He is the Lord of Dreamland,
and Sagittarius of the South,
a dealer of good fortune, Jupiter,
straight from Aslan’s mouth.

Orla Fay edits Drawn to the Light Press, a new online magazine of poetry. Her chapbook Drawn to the Light is available from Amazon and her first full collection is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry. Orla edited Boyne Berries 28, The COVID Issue.

Orla’s work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Cyphers, The Irish Times, and Crannóg, and she has a poem forthcoming in The Ireland Chair of Poetry Commemorative Anthology. @FayOrla

Read more of Orla’s Christmas poetry here.

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