Michael Jackson, Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald

god save this man the greatest president ever austria is proud to see that the world have a chance for freedom with him he makes america really great again dear president why can’t i find 5xl footy pjs please get on this i feel discriminated and hurt i know right it’s like wth i’ve looked everywhere or there to short learn to sew it’s never too late to pick up a new skill pjs are easy maybe you could sew some socks on the bottom i’m going blind from diabeetus maybe i can find someone oooo and maybe a butt flap maybe you could diet for a while and get down to a 3xl they’re much easier to find i am dieting i just want space to hide snacks and comfortably i’m not one those guys who wear ball hugger jeans ok cool never said anything bad about anyone just want comfy pjs ok cool go ask your nurse when she passes out the meds …..

Michael Jackson was born in Bristol, England in 1973. After completing an MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art, London (UCL) in 1999, he moved to Augsburg, Germany. While working as an English teacher until 2009, he curated art exhibitions as well as exhibiting his own work internationally. Jackson has taken part in thirty group and ten solo shows. Since 2010, he has been writing poetry, song texts, and philosophy and recently became a singer in a cover band. He has an eight-year-old son who likes to be tickled.

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