William A Greenfield, Five to Ten

Five to Ten

It snows like a barroom brawl.
After the last punch is thrown,
after the last shard of broken
glass clinks to an otherwise
silent aftermath, the sheriff
nudges the fallen drifters with
the tip of his boot, thankful
that their bluster has gone
to sleep. It snows like a bad
symphony; discordant violins
that sound like the wind
moaning while it assaults
the trees, the senses, and
the small of your back.
It snows like an unfinished
masterpiece. It snows like
a runaway locomotive, like
the makings of an evil
sorcerer’s tomb. It snows
like a picture perfect mansion
under construction; jagged
edges, ugly piles of scrap
and danger around every
corner. It snows like a

William A Greenfield is a writer of poetry, a youth advocate worker, a fairly good poker player, and a fairly poor golfer. He resides in Liberty, NY with his wife, son, and a dog; always a dog. His poems have appeared in dozens of literary journals, including The Westchester Review, Carve Magazine, Tar River Poetry, and many others. In 2012, he won Storyteller Magazine’s People’s Choice award. He was a finalist in The New Guard Literary Review’s 2016 Knightville Poetry Contest and his work recently received honorable mention in The Common Ground Review’s Poetry Contest.

William’s chapbook Momma’s Boy Gone Bad was published in February 2017 by Finishing Line Press. His second chapbook I Should Have Asked the Blind Girl to Dance was published by Flutter Press in June 2019. Five to Ten first appeared in Chronogram.

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