Mark Anthony Smith, Christmas Eve and hereafter

Christmas Eve and hereafter

He is excited, bathed
and tucked up in warm sheets
of lavender whilst
the candled scent of
mulled wine burns
in front of the telly.

The boy cannot settle
as the snow outside is
heavy like the expectations
in his chest. He is
thinking about unwrapping
new gifts, in the morning,
to fill his toy box.

He finally drifts
before reindeer bells
settle on the roof. Someone
in happy dreams takes
the cookies and milk
then leaves
memories wrapped
under the tree.

Mark Anthony Smith was born in Hull. His poems and short stories have appeared in Spelk, Truly U and Nymphs. Further works are forthcoming in Detritus and The Cabinet of Heed, Fiction Kitchen Berlin and Pink Plastic House. Hearts of the matter, Mark’s haiku collection, is available on Amazon.

Find him on Facebook, Mark Anthony Smith – Author, and Twitter MarkAnthonySm16

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