Kristine Brown, An Afterthought

An Afterthought

I’ve fallen in love with a dress.

it is green like the best anyone finds
in the produce aisle of a grocery store
diligently kept and locally adored.

but like most other things
worn with infatuation,
the piece needs a pair of safety pins
I rarely succeed in finding.

it could be a towel
on days when I forget laundry.

or, it could be a rag
when mops don’t do the trick.

but as I’ve said, I love this dress
and I’m talking about it like an afterthought
which is really, quite silly
like entering bridal stores after a breakup.

maybe, as I stand
flat-footed before the mirror,
it should be more apparent
that the dress may not love me.

On the weekends, Kristine Brown frequently wanders through historic neighborhoods, saying “Hello” to most any cat she encounters. Some of these cats are found on her blog Crumpled Paper Cranes. Her creative work can be found in HobartQueen Mob’s Teahouse, Burningword Literary Journal, Sea Foam MagPhilosophical IdiotThought Catalog, among others. Her collection of flash prose and poetry Scraped Knees was released in 2017 by Ugly Sapling.

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