Bojana Stojcic, I made up my mind…


today I hate people with exuberant smiles
and a lighthearted disposition
people lavish in their praise and profuse in thanks
today I don’t accept apologies
I don’t need analogies
today I hate full pages of your lives in technicolor
abundantly illustrated with exclamation marks
today I hate your priceless
memories, porcelain compliments and
your time flying like space rockets
today I hate your plastic Jesus on the mantelpiece
I hate your starry skies and
wave height forecasts in the Pacific
today I hate your piquant dreams and spotless family values
your impenetrable woods and busty secretaries
with an aging obsession
today I hate ha-ha anecdotes and phrases
degenerating to clichés
today I hate cut-and-dried dialogues and
unnecessary fireworks
today I hate obvious truths
today I hate myself
(remind me why you love me today)

Bojana Stojcic is a teacher from Serbia, living in Germany. She gets a kick out of stream-of-consciousness, sarcasm, and criticism of sentimentality and society. When she doesn’t read, she writes. When she doesn’t bitch about injustice and exploitation, she tries to figure herself out.

33 thoughts on “Bojana Stojcic, I made up my mind…

  1. How eloquently expressed, Bojana! Your poem is fresh, a torrent of words coming from the very inside of your soul, denouncing our hypocrisy in the world, our evil-doings, our injustice. The closing lines are very powerful where you include yourself in the sad truth of what needs to be changed in our world. Great read!

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  2. You have portrayed the hypocrisy and the plastics morals we have in today’s time. When happiness is measured as the amount of exposure on social media and false appearances. A very profound poem about calling a spade a spade.

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