Vinny Steed, Last Light at Lough Tay

Last Light at Lough Tay

It is winter.

Up here, light is end-of-time
and in the stillness
a hue of lavender diffuses,
permeates rock, skin, mind.

A revolution unspoken amongst
bog heather, rush and wildflower,
the hanging sun now ambushed
by stoic mountains
that speak to us
in letters.

V for victory – the arms
of their embrace.

Vinny Steed, from Galway, Ireland, has work published widely. His poems have appeared in HeadStuff, Skylight 47, Crannóg, Into the Void, Boyne Berries, and various other journals. Some of Vinny’s poems featured in the 25th-anniversary edition of Windows, and in the Cinnamon Press anthology.

Vinny has been long- and shortlisted for many competitions, recently achieving 2nd place in Westport Arts Festival’s poetry competition, while Into the Void nominated one of his poems for the Pushcart Prize. Vinny also read at the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in 2018.

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