Shaneen Gorman, Ignore the cracks between


Let’s go outside
We’ll get wet if we have to
Cling to me
like those mornings we wake as one

Let’s take a walk
and promise me we won’t speak
Our love is better without words
Words are anger, make us shelter

Let’s hold hands
I’ll make circles with my finger
You’ll smile
I’ll mimic
We’ll ignore the cracks between

Jump, babe
Save us from this wild tide
Let us drown in the river

The Rain

Here is the grave
The concubine and slave
The scent you’ve been missing for ten whole years.
The ripe, used air of something

You take it whole in your mouth.
My planet now your planet
The mornings and nights our orbit.
But if only we had met somewhere
Time stood still.

Every Minute, Every Hour

Every minute, every hour,
My mind finds you and sits you front row
At our puppet show
In a dreary theatre not far from our dreams
it seemed our lives would be one forever

At the end of my tether I now see how things are
From this speeding car
Lights move and miss me
and every minute, every hour,
I see you and hear you and wish you hadn’t gone

Shaneen Gorman is a Donegal native & Maynooth University graduate who has been finding solace in poetry since those awkward teenage years. Her work has been published in The Rose Magazine. To read more of Shaneen, click here.

2 thoughts on “Shaneen Gorman, Ignore the cracks between

  1. Beautifully expressed, gorgeous imagery. I like the way you have divided this into three topics: the lighthouse as being a goal to achieve with love without words, avoiding cracks if this be possible, finding a better language to communicate with the person you care for; then the rain as something that helps fructifing, a fertile experience which you take in with your senses like smell, etc, and, lastly, the question of time, which you already introduce in the last stanza of “The Rain”; time not being a friend, losing the one you care for. A marvelous poem!


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