Jim Ward, Joyceana

I am inspired by top quality cartoons and caricatures. These pieces are on display in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway because I firmly believe a bookstore’s walls should depict images of literary figures and scenes from great literature. These pieces concern James Joyce and his best work, Ulysses. I am a fan of Joyce, having read his work (if still struggling with Finnegans Wake). There is some great art about Joyce and his work scattered throughout the world, mostly from the modernist tradition. Why not continue with this kind of art today in the country of his birth?




Shades of Ulysses


Joyce II


Jim Ward is a native of Salthill, Galway. He has had two exhibitions of visual art (’20 Shades of Pencil Grey’ at the Galway City Library in 2015 and Galway Fringe Arts Festival 2016). He also participated in the exhibition ‘1916 by local artists’ in Galway City Library in December 2016. A lot of his art concerns literary themes and can sometimes be seen in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway.

Jim’s poetry has been published in Irish and English (in Feasta and the Cork Literary Review) and has had a short story (in Irish) published in Feasta. He is working on a novel about 1980s Salthill, and an unrelated collection of short stories. His play, Just Guff, won the Best in the West award at the 2017 Galway Fringe Festival. He was runner-up in the 2017 Galway Bay FM – Thoor Ballylee Poetry Challenge with his poem ‘2016 Proclamation.’ 

Jim is preparing for an exhibition in Renzo Café, Galway, for the month of January/February 2019, and for a production of Just Guff in the Town Hall Studio Theatre, Galway on 26th-27th November 2018. His Facebook page is here.


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