Dodging The Rain, This is Not a Review

We are excited to announce a new category of Dodging The Rain entitled ‘This is Not a Review.’

Following a suggestion from our friend and regular contributor Edward O’Dwyer, we are looking for articles about life-changing books that do not receive as much attention as they deserve — i.e. not the latest bestsellers.

We want you to recommend and sell undervalued books that mean a lot to you to our readers. Help to spread the word about and draw attention to them. Let’s, in Edward’s words, “give them a better shot at having an impact.”

What you need to know:

– Include the name and author of the book you are writing about

– Include your name and a short third-person bio along with your submission

– The style and approach of your article are up to you; it can be personal, pay tribute, etc. but must show real positive engagement with the text (and remember, it’s NOT a review!)

– Recommended word count: 1,000-1,500 words

– We may consider pieces about other media (film, TV series, theatre etc.); please contact Hana, our Non-Fiction editor, in advance about these, or if you wish to discuss your idea further

– Submit your ‘This is Not a Review’ articles via email (as Word attachments) to

Read our first article for inspiration; Edward himself writes about Heartbreaker, a collection of short stories by Maryse Meijer.



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