Alexander Edgar, Lost to the Universe


they were sending a satellite
to the sun
and they said they’d send
parts of us
so I sent the dot of the latter i
in my name
because that’s the most smallest part
of I (apart from the other i)

the i’s dots
were like eyes,
my name
altered from Philip
to Philıp

now five years gone
and in voyage around
the giant tangerine called Venus,
the satellite burned up
something went wrong

losing that piece of I
the dot of that ı
of my name
had gone to dust
lost to the un.verse

A Sailor Sails

a / sailor / sails / a / sail / boat / naked / of /
sails / to / take / on / a / self
sisyphean / conquest /
to / contest / against /
west / winds

he never drowns

the winds never die down

Philip is a poet and writer from Cork. He’s been published numerous times, including in Stanza’s Chapbook: The Sea, and his poem Memory Hair was part of the audio magazine Solstice Sounds. He’s been a guest poet for Spotlight and Slim Slam, and involved in poetry events such as Ó Bhéal and Ó Bhéal’s Winter Warmer. Online, Philip goes under the pseudonym, Alexander Edgar.

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