Jared A Carnie, Far from Everywhere


The truth is restless.

Feelings prickle
between muscle
and skin.

Megaphone films
place green lights here
and red lights there.

Meanwhile, deep in the dry soil
of what you are
and what you won’t be
the truth wriggles


It’s April 19th
and I’m far from everywhere.

You’re paying for petrol
and you’re a little drunk
and you’ve got your pin wrong
and now you’re looking at my skin
and nobody tells you what you can and can’t say
and that fifth beer loosens your tongue
just enough
and now i’m somewhere
that things like this happen


His eyes are bloodshot.

Even on the hottest days
he’s taken to wearing long-sleeve shirts.

He’s constantly making excuses
to go to the toilet.

When you feed him you notice
his mouth seems somehow unalive.

He’s started clipping the jumps
and assuring everyone
he’s just a bit tired
he must have a cold or something.


Sometimes it’s a cat.

Sometimes it’s the sunlight.

Sometimes it’s grandchildren.

You, you are the hold in my shed.

I’d recognize you anywhere.

Jared A Carnie lives in Sheffield. His debut novel, Waves, is available now and you can find him at http://www.jaredacarnie.com. He is working on his first poetry pamphlet.

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