Zane Frederick, the fall

Zane Frederick is a city born Gemini raised in the hell and heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Poetry means everything to him; he is captivated by turning words into stories. His work revolves around the vast concepts of love, self-worth, and sexuality. He recently published his debut poetry collection entitled ‘(he)art.’

the fall

i told myself i would not fall for you,
so i built a barrier between us.
i wrapped my heart in caution tape and barbed wire,
anything to keep me or protect me, from you.
but i remember disneyland in december.
how you wanted to ride the bus with me.
talk for hours about absolutely anything.
how i fell in love with you on a pirate ship ride,
then you grabbed my shoulder
like it belonged to you,

like i belonged to you

and gave me that smile that lit up
like fireworks over magic kingdom,
thinking maybe we would have a fairytale ending.
but books have plot twists and all stories end,
and it did not matter where we left off.
whether it be on a sweet nothing
or somewhere far gone
because i knew the happiest place on earth
still would have been in your arms.

so i climbed over my walls, cut the caution tape,
and completely threw myself into the crossfire
of holding on to you and letting you go,
but i’m still trying to decide
which battle was worth fighting for.

child’s play

i let you use me like a toy
whenever you came around
enjoyed when you picked me up,
mourned when you put me down

love handles

perhaps i was too thin for him
not someone thicker or prettier
because he wanted to go down
on something he could hold on to
well i was born without handrails
you must balance your way down me
but watch where you place yourself
you might trip in all my small

you never really liked art museums

to other men
i was art
they could look
but they could not touch
and as soon as you laid
your eyes on me
i could tell you loved
breaking the rules
so with your match-like fingers
you managed to burn out
every masterpiece you touched
and when you got to me
you caressed
every inch of my canvas body
until i was scarred
in your unrequited love
but i do not regret you
breaking the rules
and even though
i’m a little charred
you are still my favorite
piece in the room

beauty in the wreckage

everyone looked at us
like a car accident
slowed down and had
to take a peek
at the damage
the glittery glass
and the two bodies
laying side by side


withered flowers in the trash
the smell of death in a room
of promises that never
got enough sun

a symphony of thoughts

i am able
to compose a thought of you
without an entire orchestra of emotions
erupting into nervous beats
like broken piano keys
and out of tune guitar strings
now thoughts of you
come in the background
like radio silence
or elevator music
reminding me of a love
so soft and innocent
you were too afraid
to make memories out of it
but i will always remember old songs
you played in my car
how i always gave you permission
to be in charge of the aux cord
and no matter how shitty the song was
i always wanted another encore
were my favorite concert

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