Dee Deegan, What’s Left Behind

Dee Deegan is a Galway based Artist-Teacher who recently graduated with an MA in Creative Practice from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Dee’s own art practice deals with themes of memory, time and identity using a variety of media including photography, printmaking, book making, design and installation. Dee graduated with a first-class honour in Art & Design Teacher Education from Limerick Institute of Technology in 2014 having previously completed her honours degree in printmaking at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. In 2014 Galway City Council awarded her an Individual Artist Bursary and in 2012 she was selected for the Claremorris Open Exhibition. Dee also spent three weeks in Finland in 2011 on an artist bursary awarded by Leargas and Galway VEC. She has taken part in several group exhibitions in Galway, Dublin and London and her work is held in private collections. Dee lectures part-time in printmaking at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, has taught in several second level schools and worked as a volunteer in the Education Centre in Limerick Prison. Dee’s role as an Artist-Teacher and her quest to explore creative possibilities with people of all ages has led her to recently establish her own art school; Galway Art Academy.  To see more of her work please visit her website

“Using the camera, I reveal how I see and feel about the world around me. I am fascinated by the notion of time passing; of people, places and objects evolving and in particular I am fascinated by what has been left behind. The camera allows me to capture and record my findings and in the process of creating this work I endeavour to preserve these transient moments. My intention is to capture an atmosphere, a feeling of intrigue or mystery, of something having once been there.”

Digital Photographs showing Camera Obscura projections

C331F0AF-EE4C-4066-BB35-2611598DC926Residual Memories I
C3837BD1-116F-4511-9671-A2355A326F62.jpegResidual Memories II
1F19D49D-3886-435A-86FA-B65DA69257ED.jpegResidual Memories III

Medium Format Pinhole Photographs

96D9F07E-118A-4AD7-B20E-B2136BD76C94.jpegRemembrance I, II & III

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