Lorraine Carey, Fluidity

Lorraine Carey is a self-taught artist specialising in oils and watercolours. A decorative glass designer by trade, she often uses natural materials such as slate and stone as well as glass in her work and uses her rural surroundings as the focus of many pieces. She recently began using watercolours again and draws on inspiration from wildlife, flowers and birds. Sea and landscapes feature mainly in her oil compositions, capturing the myriad of changing colours within the ocean, skies and the rugged contours of Ireland’s stunning coastline. All Lorraine’s art to date features on her Facebook page.

Lorraine was born in Coventry, England but later grew up in Greencastle, Co. Donegal. Her poetry has been widely published. Lorraine’s artwork featured in Issue 15 of Three Drops From A Cauldron, Dodging The Rain and Riggwelter Press. Her debut collection From Doll House Windows (Revival Press) is available from http://www.limerickwriterscentre.com. She lives in Co. Kerry.


Roadside Gorse


Gracious Spring


Fuchsia Between the Showers


December Silence


Rest a While, Butterfly


Wildflower Cascade

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