Dodging The Rain, An Announcement

To all who dodge the rain,

As we approach our 1-year anniversary, we are making some changes to progress our publication.

First, we will publish our next issue, Issue 12, on December 1st, and, subsequently, publish Dodging The Rain on a bi-monthly basis, meaning Issue 13 will appear on February 1st, 2018.

As an editorial team, we believe that publishing our journal less frequently will ensure the quality and variety of our output continues to develop and provide us with the necessary time and opportunity to review the wealth of submissions we receive.

In the mean-time we will flash-post new content as and when appropriate, so be sure to keep visiting our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages lest you miss anything!

In addition, in the coming weeks we will announce details of our new and improved submissions policy, as well as the refined roles of our editorial team.

This announcement will include specific email addresses to submit work to within particular genres, details of the editors of the different genres of Dodging The Rain and what he/she is looking for from submissions, and clarification of the periods during which we will consider submissions for future issues.

These changes, we hope, will strengthen the range and scope of the artwork, poetry, and prose we receive, and make Dodging The Rain more accessible for prospective contributors.

Contributors, if you have submitted work for review in advance of this announcement, be assured that your work remains under review for our next issue.

All, we apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience caused by our not publishing an issue on November 1st.

We promise that Issue 12 will be worth the wait, as will future issues, and encourage you to use this brief lull as an opportunity to rain-dodge your way through our illustrious archives. To date, we have published 177 high-quality pieces for you to enjoy.

There are many more to come.

Thank you for reading, and for dodging the rain with us for almost a year,

Aine, Dana, Neil, and Rebecca, aka The DTR team

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