Amy Bassin, Death Takes a Cruise: A Working Vacation

Amy Bassin is a fine arts photographer. “Selfie Fictions” were in exhibitions at Photo Center Northwest and Bronx ArtSpace. Publishing credits include “F-Stop Photography Magazine,” “Columbia University’s Journal of Art,” “Great Weather For Media Press,” and Three Rooms Press annual Dada anthologies, “Maintenance 9,” “10(0),” and “11.” Her text-based art collaboration with writer Mark Blickley, “Dream Streams,” was featured as an art installation at the 5th Annual NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island and in DUMBO at Brooklyn’s Ray Gallery. They just published Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground (Moria Books, Chicago). More work can be viewed at:

“Death Takes A Cruise: A Working Vacation,” an existential comedic satire, sheds light on the “Sword of Damocles” that pervades each human life. This series connects us to our hovering knowledge of our mortality, as a figure representing ‘death’ sometimes makes an appearance. Only humans have the consciousness that they will die and we fight that knowledge via pleasurable escapes.



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