Órla Fay, The Singing Lighthouse

The Singing Lighthouse

She recounts dark nights on the bay
when waves imitated the mountains,
when metal was tested and her eye
sought and fought to receive or give light –
life set as tenet in stone foundation.

Men and women in yellow jackets are versed,
orange buoys, dark inflections of fate,
crumbling walls, gestures of hope
and despair.

And she almost whispers of the day’s calm beauty,
its bewitching deception in green expanse of water,
rainbow shelled shores, the sun and its shadow
smiling and frowning on the island in the distance,
of how nature is so handsome
he can take your breath away.

Órla Fay is the editor of Boyne Berries Magazine. Recently her work has appeared in The Ogham Stone, The Honest Ulsterman, A New Ulster and is forthcoming from The Rose Magazine. She had poems longlisted in The Anthony Cronin International Poetry Award 2017 and The Fish Poetry Prize 2017. http://www.orlafay.blogspot.ie


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