Eshah Shakeel, I & We

Eshah is from Lahore, Pakistan, and is a scriptwriter by profession, She likes to write poetry in the folds of the night when the heart does not have the strength to carry its burdens anymore.

“This poem is about species of people to which I believe I belong, who long to be loved fully in a world of natural incompleteness.”

I & We

We’re the ones who smile
On a full moon night
Because we see it’s complete
Like we’ll never be

We’re the ones with a tiny hole
In our souls
And we spend all lives
Filling it

Carrying pieces
Of broken selves in arms
Asking around
To help piece us back together

We’re the ones away from home when we’re home
Finding comfort in love that
Leaves us a little more homeless
Each time it goes

We’re dissolving a little every night
Along with inches of our dream
Waiting how long it will take
For us to disintegrate

We’re special enough
To be loved
And ordinary enough
To be left

Waiting for a Connection

Artwork: Since retiring from public health research in early 2015, Jim Ross has published 45 pieces of nonfiction and 150 photos in over 50 journals in North America, Europe, and Asia. He and his wife—grandparents  of three toddlers (and a fourth nearly here)—split their time between WV and MD. 

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