Amanda Bergloff, A Cloud Eaten by the Moon

I like weird, which to me translates as surrealism. The surrealistic approach of combining disparate elements to create new meaning is what inspires me, and dreamlike imagery is the common theme that runs throughout my work. Thematically, I’m drawn to the idea of looking past the outer layer of our consciousness to reveal the unique ideas underneath.

I use different media techniques in my art, from photography to old-school style techniques of collage. I still cut paper, paint with acrylic and watercolor, along with using pencil or whatever is at hand to enhance images, which I combine digitally for the finished piece.

You can find my work on the covers of Crimson Dreams, New Myths Magazine, Firefly Magazine, The Evening Theater, and Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine.

I live in Denver, Colorado – love all things pop culture; collect books, toys, and comics; build Haunted Mansion type sets in my yard every Halloween – paint and write daily, read obsessively, and the interior of my mind looks like 1950s sci-fi pulp art.

After all, what is reason, but a cloud eaten by the moon?

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ANALOG HEART by Amanda BergloffAnalog Heart
PHACE by Amanda Bergloff (1)Phace
RAINING STARS by Amanda BergloffRaining Stars
SENTRY by Amanda BergloffSentry

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