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Ron Gibson, Jr. has previously appeared in Moonglasses Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, apt, (b)oink, Stockholm Review of Literature, Cheap Pop, New South Journal, Jellyfish Review, Whiskeypaper, etc.  

He has poetry forthcoming from Gone Lawn, Unbroken Journal, and Crack the Spine.

For more, follow him on Twitter via @sirabsurd 

Default Settings

Authorless, I mouth to the dark
inside these lapels a thousand echoes
of a thousand houses of ill repute:

tiny prayers set to sail and sink
in tear-darkened street. I cross myself
a bridge condemned to stand fallow,

untilled by your hand, I return wild.
Once stone, now gravel. Moon ajar,
I glimpse what we were. Bare limbs

wind-tangled in rut, stars wheeling on
in want. Our story, lost in cold wings
of egrets, a hickey of dim fire, a pain

I hold near, inscribed in nightbound book.
Its spine: you, stooped, a naked question
in your eye, an answer I will never know.


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