Louise Damiano, Portfolio Selections

Louise Damiano grew up between Italy and France. She is a self-taught designer and illustrator and is currently young, broke and alive. She lives in Paris with her little bonsaï and tends to be curious and keen to learn. She has no sense of humor and likes books.

Her portfolio can be viewed here.

eye 002eye-01eye-03These portfolio pieces are inspired by Irish folklore and the way Irish stories describe creatures that are part of nature and everyday life. Louise is just fascinated by Irish interpretation of natural phenomenons and their explanations for them. They always blamed the wee folk but actually had pretty accurate explanations attached to the stories.  Completed in 2016 with ink and paper.
poster-EN copyA recently completed poster for an alternative French film on the dictature in Portugal. In French and Portuguese it is available for viewing on YouTube. It’s called Estado Novo H264.

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