Amber Williams, In Nature

Amber Williams currently lives in Warsaw, Indiana, USA with her husband and two young sons. She graduated from Adrian College, Adrian MI, with a BA in Interior Design.

“When I was little, I read books for their pictures. I was fascinated by the pictures of animals and plants in my family’s encyclopaedias. I find myself pulled to capture nature’s small but beautiful creatures. Ink and watercolor are my favorite mediums because there is no undoing one’s mistakes.”

17311397_10154713400947639_775077467_o.jpgA Sea Turtles March
17311578_10154713401327639_1699038999_o      A Yellow Warbler’s Pride


17310841_10154713401487639_406946369_o.jpgA Monarch’s Peace
17310795_10154713401612639_750308842_o.jpg          Winter’s Beauty


17311494_10154713401647639_396240730_o (1).jpgFamily

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