Colin James, Mad Dog Immunity

Colin James has a chapbook of poetry, Dreams of the Really Annoying, from Writing Knights Press. He is currently a student.

Mad Dog Immunity

The escapee was polite
if not forthcoming.
His tangerine neck scarf
contrasted quite nicely
with the curt, brown overalls.
He stood slightly sideways
to distract from the stains,
a wound tempered with newspaper.
He desperately needed to sit
but was discouraged from doing so
by some loud voices
so he smiled again easily
& not without verisimilitude.

The Effeminate Snapping Turtles of Smugglers Cove

With my leg in my mouth,
I swam. Someone was
running parallel with the shore
trying to keep up
& shouting vague instructions.
I couldn’t quite make out
the identity of the figure
nor discern the words
that floated above the water.
I was making pretty good time
with just the three limbs.
Waves like limp swells
pushed me toward a sandy copse,
there a crowd could have gathered
had they not been genetically predisposed.

At The Tribute For Akim Tamiroff

The stage curtain is a cobalt blue.
The folds in the curtain symbolize ocean waves.
Let’s keep this monologue brief.
A few lines about how tough it was on the farm,
maybe how Mama hid the vodka from Papa.
You don’t have to have grown up on a farm.
We can improvise.
I will stroll onto the stage
with my accordion dangling provocatively.
I’ll make you look like a goddamn gunslinger!
Shall we meet back here in five?
I have to attend to a physical matter.
Meanwhile talk to no-one, especially
these aloof characters carrying clipboards.

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