Anne Casey, Evidence of Life

Anne Casey’s poems are published or forthcoming in The Irish Times, Into the Void Magazine, Tales from the Forest, Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology, Deep Water Literary Journal, The Remembered Arts Literary Journal and Thank You For Swallowing, among others. Salmon Poetry will publish Anne’s first poetry collection in 2017.


I see you
Dusky eyes twinkling
Towards the sky
I see you
Lips curling up
No matter why

I see you
Cornflower blue dress
Hitched to help you run
I see you
Racing through the
Late morning hum

I see you
Tiny arm folding
At the elbow
I see you
Face tilting to the
Yellow glow

I see you
However hard
I try
I see you
Dusky eyes twinkling
Towards the sky

I see you
Beneath the blue
That rained
Down hell on you

I see you


A robe suspended
A lipstick up-ended
A slipper askance
A curtain masking
A silent expanse

A form
A lip
A foot
A passing

Love left hanging
For a year
Or more
Trickles to the
Waiting floor


She had always sparkled
My beautiful vivacious mother
Her irrepressible soul radiating out through every pore
Till we bore witness as time leached out of her
Betrayed by her own rogue code dismantling her cell by cell
And for a while she seemed to take everything inside

But in her end of days, she surrendered all opaqueness
Embracing a glass-eyed reflective transparency
Like a raindrop suspended, projecting
This glittering world it has captured
In that last precious pause
Before it



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