Catherine Graass, Poem for Mnemosyne

Poem for Mnemosyne

The Miter Angel, I read online,
is the patron saint of the female
imagination, banned from the
Catholic Church in the early 1800s
for her enmity towards reality

Miterocercaisis Angellis is understood
in today’s western medicine
to be a microscopic parasite, known
to pass from mother to child, crossing
the blood-brain barrier before
the third trimester

Witches know about the Miter Angel:
she makes puzzles and
spends her days moving
beaches, taking one grain
of sand at a time

The word ‘miter’ originated near an ancient
rock formation, mystical and now
mostly forgotten. It was like
Mount Rushmore, but today is
just rocks

If you scrutinize rocks
long enough, a face
might gaze back
at you

The word ‘miter’ was originally about the phenomena of forgetting, not
remembering things that were never there.

Search: Miter Angel

Did you mean “miter angle”?

Catherine Graass is a professional mermaid, an apprentice to a carpenter, and a poetry intern at the Denver Quarterly. As a transfer student from NYU, she is finishing her undergraduate studies in English & Literary Arts at the University of Denver. She writes poetry and fiction to make sense of the world.

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