Michelle Granville, Every Shade of Nothing

Michelle Granville is a Kerry native living in Sligo. She is interested in all aspects of art and literature, particularly when they overlap. She is a failed artist and writer, but is willing to change. Her work is has appeared in Headspace, Anomalie, concis, and One Sentence Poems.

abibliophobia (2)Abibliophobia
every shade of nothingEvery Shade of Nothing
The space betweenThe Space Between
Tread on threadThread on Thread
when the light leavesWhen the Light Leaves
My work is mixed media, with a predisposition to collage. I have a particular interest in how found images and text can be imbued with a different meaning and combined to create a new narrative.
These works are mainly concerned with the themes of memory, nostalgia and how we reinvent the past. I am trying to explore how we can become trapped within memories so that we remain incomplete in the present.

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